Sebastian Sagastume
For the last 4 years, Sebastian has worked with various businesses and individuals through his video production brand Seb Saga.  Some of his favorite projects include creating a 9-part documentary series for CCI, a service dog placement non-profit organization, and working as a motion designer for abc's annual "Upfronts" event. Sebastian is proficient in industry standard creative software's Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, and continues to grow his skill set in Cinema4D, a 3D modeling and animation software.
"Stories have been an integral part of the human condition since we learned to draw on cave walls. A well told story has the power to move an audience to tears, change what they believe to be true, and pass on and retain important information"
Beyond filmmaking, Sebastian has a deep fascination for astronomy, science, and mathematics. In his free time, Sebastian enjoys reading books, skateboarding, and playing with his small puppy, Pebbles.