Frank Iovine
Audio Engineer
Frank has always found himself aiming beyond the bubble of ordinary. He is an appreciator of all things creative and has always deemed himself a clever mind. Coming from a musical background, he grasped the concept of perfection from his classical training, and the desire for divergence from extensive jazz performance. Music taught Frank to analyze and scrutinize every detail in all creative works. It was at Ithaca College where Frank took on an audio degree and found his calling for the technical side of creative projects. The love of film came naturally as he surrounded himself with filmmakers who needed audio assistance. Towards the end of his college career he submerged himself in the world of film by taking internships on both coasts and making connections in studios such as Harbor and Steiner Studios. Post graduation, he has committed himself to the world of film, using his creative side to write and direct projects, both personal and business oriented.
"Art is innate in every human being. Great art is achieved only by those who recognize talent isn’t innate; it comes from lifelong dedication to the craft."
There are a few things Frank is known for that one might not expect. One, is that he is an identical twin to another member of the team, Eugene. Second, he is a crazy-pug-guy. He grew up in a home filled to the brim with pug memorabilia and of course pug dogs. Since the age of 10, he has practiced karate and achieved a brown belt thus far in his training. He and his twin also live that van life. They own an old ice cream truck from 1988 which they have turned into a livable creative outlet that makes an appearance at every festival and road trip they attend.