Sebastian Sagastume
For the last 5 years, Sebastian has worked with various businesses and individuals through his video production brand Seb Saga. Some of his favorite projects include creating a 9-part documentary series for CCI (a service dog placement non-profit organization) and working as a motion designer for ABC's annual "Upfronts" event. Sebastian is proficient in cinematography, as well as industry standard creative software's Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, and continues to grow his skill set in Cinema4D (a 3D modeling and animation software).
"Stories have been an integral part of the human condition since we learned to draw on cave walls. A well told story has the power to move an audience to tears, change what they believe to be true, and pass on and retain important information"
Beyond filmmaking, Sebastian has a deep fascination for astronomy, science, and mathematics. In his free time, Sebastian enjoys reading books, skateboarding, and playing with his adorable puppy, Pebbles.